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Geelong Child Portraits

When you’re just too cool that you just naturally strike a pose, then the end result is just going to look fabulous isn’t it!! Charlie came in with his brother and sister for a vintage child portrait session. Secretly I think he was loving the attention, actually, I think they all did. I’ve photographed all three children a few times and they are amazing to work with. Yes they jump around and carry on (show me a group of children that don’t though) but…

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Geelong Painted Portraits

This stunning image started out as a Maternity Portrait Session, but a beautiful little butterfly was flying around and quickly stole the show! You’re probably looking at this portrait and thinking it looks a little different than normal and If you are, then you’re 100% correct. Photography by Riccardo is the only Geelong professional photographer that now offers a Painted Portrait look as an option. A painted portrait is a cross between a painting and your traditional portrait, so it’s not something that is…

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Geelong Winter Family Portraits

It’s Winter, it’s cold, it’s wet and the light is just beautiful!! Yes, you read that correctly, the light is just perfect for outdoor portraits. Why? Think about it, when it’s sunny, everybody squints. There are shadows under your nose and under your chin and, because your skin gets sweaty, the pores in your skin stand out. No one wants to be photographed like that!  But in Winter, there’s a good chance it’s going to be overcast and even if it’s not and the…

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