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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us!  So I wanted to explain our online information practices and the way your information is collected and used. This applies to all information collected or submitted to Riccardo Studio on our website and through any other collection points such as any social media pages, Jotform collections and on in studio order forms when you place an order with us. The only personal information we collect is name,  email address, telephone number and address. Your credit card information will…

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Classic Cars Geelong

Did you hear about about my Wheel Love Geelong project where I photographed families with their Classic Cars?  This is something that I do a fair bit of actually, The car brings the family together and ever car has a story behind it. I’m not sure who gets more excited when I do one of these sessions, the Mums and Dads or the kids, especially when I ask them to get behind the wheel of the car for a photo. With the weather improving…

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Mothers & Daughters of Geelong

MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS WANTED. We are looking Mothers and Daughters across Geelong to be photographed and help raise funds for the Breast Cancer Network of Australia. All participants photographed will feature in my new book “Mothers & Daughters, Celebrating Love in Geelong” Your $50 per family participation fee, will be forwarded in full to the Breast Cancer Network. Plus a portion of sales from the sessions will also be donated to the charity. Our target is to raise $5,000 and sessions will take place…

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I’m looking for “Little Ballerinas” to photograph for my new book, “Little Ballerinas – Celebrating the little dancers of Geelong” Participation is just $49 per family for which you receive a designer portrait session of your Little Ballerina by one of Australia’s leading photographers (normally valued at $150.00). You’ll also receive $200 credit towards selected products, just to say THANK YOU. Each child photographed is guaranteed to appear in the book. We are inviting a limited number of participants to take part. GET IN…

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Little Ballerinas

For those of you that follow me on Facebook, you’ll have seen that my second book, Wheel Love Geelong, was recently published. So now it’s time for book number three to get underway. My third book will be titled, “Little Ballerinas – Celebrating the little dancers of Geelong” and  I’m looking for “Little Ballerinas” to photograph.  Participation is just $50.00 per family for which you receive a designer portrait session of your Little Ballerina by one of Australia’s leading photographers (normally valued at $150.00). Each child photographed…

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Don’t forget the grandparents

How brilliant is this portrait of Sadie and Stevie (or is it Stevie and Sadie??) with their Grandfather, Don. Here’s something that a lot of people tend to overlook, but having a portrait of your children with the Grandparents is so important (and the Grandparents Love it!). So talk to me when organising your family portrait and I’ll explain how to best organise your session so that we can incorporate the grandparents into it. As for Don, it took a while to wipe the…

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style photography

Styled Portrait Sessions

WOW!! That’s what people usually say when they see one of my Styled Portraits. Portraits like this don’t just happen though, they’re created and take a lot of planning prior to the session. And they’re not just for the kids either. Styled Family Portraits are popular as well and are photographed in my Geelong Studio. If you like what you see, then you can be a part of it too. Simply get in contact with me HERE and we’ll get the process started.  

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Location Portraits

There are so many great locations in and around Geelong that make for a beautiful backdrop to your portraits. During our new pre consultation service, we sit down with you and plan where your portrait session will take place as well as what to wear and what to bring. So many things that you may not even realise are taken into consideration, such as, what’s the best time of the day to have the portraits taken. If the portraits are being taken in Summer,…

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Don’t let the weather stop you!

It may be cold but that’s no reason not to get outside, be a bit adventurous and have a portrait taken! It was absolutely freezing when I did this portrait. But I must admit, Sari was such a good sport, especially when I suggested she lay down in the mud. I think the results speak for themselves though and it’s definitely a portrait that not many other people will have on their walls. But that’s the difference. Are you someone that likes ordinary or…

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Maternity Sessions

We all know that pregnancy is a beautiful time in a womans life, so imagine capturing that time in a stunning portrait such as this one. Maternity photos don’t have to be boring, they can be very artistic and stunning. Here’s the proof. These sort of portraits don’t just happen though. There’s quite a bit of planning involved leading up to the day. Everything from how long before your due date do we take the photos, what to wear and what style would you…

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