Young lady posing on a couch for a boudoir photographic session

Boudoir sessions are made for all women!

Boudoir sessions are made for all women!

The biggest misconception around having a boudoir photography session is that you have to be young, a size 6 and confident. WRONG! I can tell you that after 30 years of photographing women at Riccardo Photography, the percentage that come in and fit that stereotype is less than 1%. Actually, it’s probably more like less than half a percent to be honest.

So why would you do it? Why would the “average” woman want to have a boudoir session? For her partner? Or maybe for a special occasion like Valentines Day. The truth is that there are many reasons why a woman would do it and I hope that these reasons give you enough courage to step out of your comfort zone and just do it.

  1. Treat yourself.

No matter how old you are, your body type, and your style, you have every right to indulge in boudoir photography. It’s a great pick-me-up and reminder of your beauty and strength. Nothing boosts your spirit more than gorgeous images of yourself!

2. It’s life changing

It’s something you’ve never tried before. Once you do a session, you become hooked! It’s exhilarating and fun. From the moment you start pampering yourself until the day you see your final photos, you’ll understand why!

3. You’ll appreciate it

Boudoir encourages women to love themselves for who they truly are. It’s a great way to embrace your flaws and love the skin you’re in!

4. Portraits as a reminder

You’ll have quality images that last for years. This way, you can always look back and reminisce about that season of life and how much fun you had!

5. Outfits and lingerie

Who doesn’t love to shop? Boudoir is a great excuse to buy lingerie that makes you blush! There’s something out there for every woman!

6. Body positivity

Boudoir is classic, beautiful, and timeless. Every woman is unique. No matter what skin colour, body size, age, and lifestyle, you deserve to be dolled up and captured on camera.

7. Women Empowerment

When another woman sees you doing boudoir, they become inspired. It’s all about lifting each other up and accepting our beautiful bodies. You shouldn’t compete against each other, but instead, encourage one another to just do it. Every woman has their own story. When women come together, powerful things happen.

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Young lady posing on a couch for a boudoir photographic session

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