Geelong Child Portraits

When you’re just too cool that you just naturally strike a pose, then the end result is just going to look fabulous isn’t it!! Charlie came in with his brother and sister for a vintage child portrait session. Secretly I think he was loving the attention, actually, I think they all did. I’ve photographed all three children a few times and they are amazing to work with. Yes they jump around and carry on (show me a group of children that don’t though) but they all have fun and it always shows in the portraits. Now here’s the thing most parents will say… “you’ll never get my child to sit like that” I’ve heard that hundreds if not thousands of times over the years and I can tell you now, I’ve never met a child that hasn’t posed the way that I’ve wanted them to. So, if you’re ready to have a stunning portrait such as this, then contact me HERE  Sessions take place in my studio in Bell Park (about a ten minute drive from the Geelong CBD).

To view more Child portraits, visit the Children’s Gallery on my site by clicking HERE

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