Geelong Winter Family Portraits

It’s Winter, it’s cold, it’s wet and the light is just beautiful!! Yes, you read that correctly, the light is just perfect for outdoor portraits. Why? Think about it, when it’s sunny, everybody squints. There are shadows under your nose and under your chin and, because your skin gets sweaty, the pores in your skin stand out. No one wants to be photographed like that!  But in Winter, there’s a good chance it’s going to be overcast and even if it’s not and the sun is out, the intensity is nowhere near as strong as it is in Summer, so you won’t squint and the shadows are softer.  So it’s actually also the best time to get out and have a family portrait taken. But what if it rains? Well that’s when the fun starts, especially if you have young children! Children love puddles, so think of how much fun they’ll have jumping in puddles and the amazing portraits we’ll get as while their in their gumboots, holding an umbrella, laughing and jumping in and out of puddles! Geelong has so many beautiful locations that can be used in the Winter time, and not all are outdoors (yes, I have a few secret indoor locations as well…just without the puddles!). We just need to take advantage of it.

So, now is the time! Next year, your children will be one year older and they may not want to jump in the puddles any more. You may have teenage children and next year, they may not even want to be in the portrait at all! People keep putting their family portraits off for when it’s warmer, when I loose a few kilos, I need a hair cut, I have a pimple on my face (Yes, I’ve heard them all). But the truth of the matter is, that there will never be a perfect time. And while you’re waiting for the perfect moment, time is passing. Your children are getting older…you’re getting older (well I wasn’t going to say it, but it happens to us all!) and before you know it, you’ll be lamenting the fact that you didn’t get a family portrait taken when the children were younger. Sometimes you just have to admit that now is the right time.

So where do you go? Well to be honest, it’s no different to Summer. I’ve done many portraits down along the Geelong Waterfront and at Eastern Beach. Dark stormy clouds make for a beautiful backdrop. There are so many beautiful parks in and around Geelong (with plenty of puddles) that it’s just a matter of taking your pick!

So what needs to be done next? The first step is to contact the studio and make a time. You can do that by simply clicking Here I’ll do the rest and I’ll talk you through every step of the way so that when it comes to the day of your session, you’ll know exactly what’s going on. Remember, family portraits are one of the most important things you can have on your walls. It gives your children a sense of belonging and it gives you memories that will last you a lifetime. Now is the time to create your memories.


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