Christmas 2019

What do I buy my wife for Christmas? It’s the same problem I have every year you and I  know that she has the same issue. It’s not like you’re buying a gift for a child, you actually want to buy something that will last longer than a few days. So a few years ago, after my daughter was born, I got my wife a wall portrait. Secretly, I wanted one for myself, but it’s not like she can go elsewhere and get one done right! Well, not without getting me a little upset anyway. After it was on the wall though, I truely understood the meaning of a wall portrait. Technically, it was a gift for my wife. Realistically though, it’s a gift that my daughter will cherish in many years to come. You see, perfumes run out. Flowers wither away and gift vouchers sometimes get spent on necessities rather than something that the person actually wants. But a portrait, that just lasts forever.

So if you’re looking for something unique this Christmas, something that will last forever and is for the whole family, then a Christmas family portrait is something that you should consider. And consider it before the children grow up and don’t want to be in a photo with you (yes, it happens). Consider it before they leave home because, believe me, it’ll be a lot harder to organise then!  Consider it for the Grandparents as well. They just love having portraits of their Grandkids rather.

So how do you organise it? After all, Christmas isn’t that far away. So first things first. Jump on my Facebook Page and see the current deals that are available. Here’s a hint, there’s usually one pinned to the top of the page but also scroll down as I’ll be posting quite a few over the next few weeks. Secondly, once you’ve found the deal that suits you, click the link and fill the form. I’ll do the rest. Remember though that we are working to a deadline so don’t wait, just do!  Finally, plan ahead. Believe it or not, some people don’t plan ahead and somehow I get a call every year, the day before Christmas, by someone wanting their portraits taken and back the next day. Quality doesn’t happen overnight people!! Oh and if you’re still undecided, below is a short clip of family and child portraits that I’m proud to call my work.

If you’d like to know more, just send me an email by clicking HERE.  My shopfront studio is situated in Bell Park, a quick 10 minute drive from the Geelong CBD and is open 6 days a week, but it’s always best to make an appointment first before popping in as I do go out to see clients as well.




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