Geelong Painted Portraits

This stunning image started out as a Maternity Portrait Session, but a beautiful little butterfly was flying around and quickly stole the show! You’re probably looking at this portrait and thinking it looks a little different than normal and If you are, then you’re 100% correct. Photography by Riccardo is the only Geelong professional photographer that now offers a Painted Portrait look as an option. A painted portrait is a cross between a painting and your traditional portrait, so it’s not something that is very often seen. What makes this so unique though is the process because this isn’t just photoshopped, this is actually hand crafted and painted by Riccardo. Once the image is ready and has achieved our stringent quality level, it is sent to our lab in Brisbane for printing. Even this is a process in itself because our lab uses canvas that’s imported from America and the material is Museum grade canvas. So the final image that hangs on your wall is made from the same material that would hang in any Museum in the world! Once printed, the canvas is framed and shipped to the studio. This is where the magic begins because the portrait is then hand painted. So the skin tones, the eyes, the hair, everything is hand painted by Riccardo before the whole portrait is coated and sealed for it’s lifetime of protection. Every one of our portraits leaves the studio with a Lifetime Warranty*. We are the only Studio in Geelong that offers a Lifetime Warranty on our products! This means that if you take the portrait home and a year down the track you have an accident, you’re covered!

Take a look at my galleries HERE to see my range of work and when you’re ready to book your session in, just send me a message HERE and we’ll organise it for you.

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