Christmas photos in Geelong

Where can you have Christmas photos taken in Geelong this year?

Like last year, Christmas in Geelong is going to be a little different. It’s probably something you haven’t even considered yet but there’s another tradition that the pandemic is stamping it’s authority on, Christmas photos! Last year, many took to the shopping centre’s to have their photo taken with their masks on! (Was it really you under there?), Santa sat so far away he may as well have been in the North Pole and with his mask on, was it even the real Santa??

No such thing as social distancing in the shopping centres as people lined up for 20+ minutes (if you’re lucky) with maybe 30-40 other people. You finally get to the end of the line and your children sit on a seat next to Santa where hundreds of other children have sat. That sort of environment just isn’t as safe. Not for you and not for your children.

Visit Santa’s workshop in my Newtown studio where your children can still have a Christmas experience but in the safety and privacy of their own session!  What does that mean?? It means that it’s just your family that’s in the studio while the photos are being taken. Don’t let your children miss out on the most beautiful time of the year.

Appointments are necessary so that there is no overlap with other children visiting the studio.

So where can you get your Christmas photos taken in Geelong this year? The answer is at Riccardo Photography!

So how does it work? Fill in your contact details below  and I’ll contact you to organise your appointment. There is a $49 session fee which is payable at the time of booking your session and then comes off any package you decide to purchase. Your next question will be “How much are the packages?”. I’ve put together special Christmas packages starting at $99. Book your session now and don’t miss out!



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