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Christmas photos in Geelong

Where can you have Christmas photos taken in Geelong this year? Like last year, Christmas in Geelong is going to be a little different. It’s probably something you haven’t even considered yet but there’s another tradition that the pandemic is stamping it’s authority on, Christmas photos! Last year, many took to the shopping centre’s to have their photo taken with their masks on! (Was it really you under there?), Santa sat so far away he may as well have been in the North Pole…

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How much is a photo worth?

How much is a photo worth?  I get asked this question quite a lot, but before I answer that, let me share with you a comment that I have just read. “I wish I could have this day again” – that was what a friend of mine wrote on her Facebook post after sharing a memory that Facebook had reminded her of. That memory was from almost 9 years ago, at the time of writing, and in the photo was her mother who had…

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Geelong Winter Family Portraits

It’s Winter, it’s cold, it’s wet and the light is just beautiful!! Yes, you read that correctly, the light is just perfect for outdoor portraits. Why? Think about it, when it’s sunny, everybody squints. There are shadows under your nose and under your chin and, because your skin gets sweaty, the pores in your skin stand out. No one wants to be photographed like that!  But in Winter, there’s a good chance it’s going to be overcast and even if it’s not and the…

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