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Earlier this week I was speaking to a couple who hadn’t had a family portrait taken in 16 years. It’s totally understandable because life does get in the way sometimes but the wife was telling me how she’d wished that she’d had another one taken when her children were a little older. Sixteen years ago, their youngest was 9 months old! The real issue came though when I asked whether they had purchased something for their walls. The reply was that they had purchased quite a big portrait but it was fading. That really is unheard of because any portrait that is printed on archival quality paper, should last at a minimum 75 years. From what they explained, it sounded as if the photographer they used had had the portrait printed on inkjet paper. Now don’t get me wrong, there is some good quality inkjet products out there, but 16 years ago, there wasn’t the same level of quality that we have today. Even so, I still believe that the old school chemical process is still the one I’d be leaning towards. After all, I have photos from the 1940’s and they’re still as clear as the day they were printed.

So I thought I’d write something about this. You see, when you buy a product, lets say a television for instance, they give you a warranty. Actually, almost anything of value will have some sort of warranty on it right? Then why is it that when you purchase a family portrait, you don’t get that warranty? If you purchased a television and after 18 months, it stopped working, then there’s a good chance that the company will either repair or replace the TV. But if your family portrait is damaged, then it’s tough luck!

So, I decided a while ago that my clients should be covered. If they’ve put their trust in me, then that trust should be exponential. Everyone of our portraits that leaves the studio as a finished product has an unconditional Lifetime Warranty* with it. Hang on, why is there an asterix * there? Well obviously there has to be some conditions when you put a Lifetime Warranty on your work. But we tell all our clients what that condition is when they collect their artwork (yes, we have just one!). That makes Photography by Riccardo the only photographer in Geelong who offers this! So picture this, ten years from now you’re moving home and your wall portrait gets damaged…we’ll cover you! If that isn’t the best way of saying that We’ll always be here for you, then I don’t know what is!

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