Geelong Vintage Glamour Portraits

Glamour or Boudoir portraits, they mean a different thing to different people. It can be something as simple as a beautiful head and shoulder portrait or something more styled and provocative. My take on it is, do whatever you want! Photographing a glamour portrait isn’t like any other portrait, there’s a process that involves a lot of planning, which starts with you telling me what your take on glamour is. In other words, what kind of portraits do you like? Everything that will take place on the day is carefully planned. From what you’re going to wear and all the way through to your hair and make up. Sessions take about an hour (sometimes longer if you’re really nervous) and are take place in my Geelong. There’s a few things you want to consider before you come in. 1) What look do you want to achieve? Are you wanting more something along the lines of the 1940’s movie star looks? Or are you thinking something along the lines of more playful and cheeky? 2) What will you wear? Bring along a good selection of clothes and jewellery. 3) Will you bring a friend along? It’s great to bring a friend or family member along as they can encourage you as well as help you with anything that may need fixing. It’s normal to feel nervous but I find that after a few minutes, most ladies tend to settle in and enjoy themselves. So why would anyone do it if they’re going to feel nervous? Simply because it’s an empowerment state which makes you feel amazing!

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