Don’t let the weather stop you!

It may be cold but that’s no reason not to get outside, be a bit adventurous and have a portrait taken!

It was absolutely freezing when I did this portrait. But I must admit, Sari was such a good sport, especially when I suggested she lay down in the mud. I think the results speak for themselves though and it’s definitely a portrait that not many other people will have on their walls. But that’s the difference. Are you someone that likes ordinary or would you rather have something unique? I know what I’d choose. The portraits could end up being anywhere around Geelong, depending on what we plan prior, which is only limited by our imagination!

I’ll be looking for more Adventurous people to photograph soon. So, if you’re the adventurous type and you’d like to have your portrait taken, get in touch HERE and tell me what you may have in mind. I might have you laying down in the mud in no time at all!!

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