Geelong Styled Portrait Sessions

WOW!! That’s what people usually say when they see one of my Styled Portraits. Portraits like this don’t just happen though, they’re created and take a lot of planning prior to the session. And they’re not just for the kids either. Styled Family Portraits are popular as well and are photographed in my Geelong Studio. They generally take about an hour to photograph and everything is preplanned, from what to wear to the style that we’ll be photographing. Each final image is then designed  to the studio’s very high standards. After all, this is something that will be on your walls for a very long time and we take pride in that. Our Styled Portraits are covered by the studio’s Exclusive Lifetime Warranty. Ask us how your Wall Portraits are covered against even accidental damage! If you haven’t already seen our Styled Portraits gallery, take a look HERE  To book in for your session, simply get in contact with me HERE and we’ll get the process started. Keep in mind that the images are hand crafted so the process takes time. If you’re planning to have the images taken for a special event, please let the studio know and we’ll try and get you in as soon as possible.


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