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Photography by Riccardo

Our Lifetime Guarantee

Earlier this week I was speaking to a couple who hadn’t had a family portrait taken in 16 years. It’s totally understandable because life does get in the way sometimes but the wife was telling me how she’d wished that she’d had another one taken when her children were a little older. Sixteen years ago, their youngest was 9 months old! The real issue came though when I asked whether they had purchased something for their walls. The reply was that they had purchased…

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Geelong Painted Portraits

This stunning image started out as a Maternity Portrait Session, but a beautiful little butterfly was flying around and quickly stole the show! You’re probably looking at this portrait and thinking it looks a little different than normal and If you are, then you’re 100% correct. Photography by Riccardo is the only Geelong professional photographer that now offers a Painted Portrait look as an option. A painted portrait is a cross between a painting and your traditional portrait, so it’s not something that is…

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Classic Cars Geelong

Did you hear about about my Wheel Love Geelong project where I photographed families with their Classic Cars?   The car brings the family together and every car has a story behind it. I’m not sure who gets more excited when I do one of these sessions, the Mums and Dads or the kids, especially when I ask them to get behind the wheel of the car for a photo! If you’re an enthusiast, you don’t need me to tell you that your car is…

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