How much is a photo worth?

How much is a photo worth?  I get asked this question quite a lot, but before I answer that, let me share with you a comment that I have just read. “I wish I could have this day again” – that was what a friend of mine wrote on her Facebook post after sharing a memory that Facebook had reminded her of. That memory was from almost 9 years ago, at the time of writing, and in the photo was her mother who had since passed away. Here’s the unfortunate thing, the mother blinked in the photo and nearly everyone in the photo was squinting because it was a sunny day. The point of this though isn’t to go through and pick on all the issues in the photo, after all, it doesn’t matter what the photo is like, when a loved one who has passed on is in the photo, they’re all precious. The point here is that in the end, all we have left to keep our memories alive are photos.  Lets take me for example. I barely knew my Grandfather who lived in Italy and Geelong to Italy isn’t a short trip. I met him briefly only once in 1977 when I was only young and, as a family, we ‘d gone over to see them. He then passed in 1984 and I have one or two memories that I can barely recall of him, but I have photos. Not only photos of when we were there, but also photos that my Grandmother would send my Mother. So how much do you think those photos are worth to me? Can I even put a value on them? No I can’t because they are priceless. When people speak of a “priceless artefact” that was found, they can’t put a dollar value on it, and so is the value of portraits. Now lets say that the above  statement that my friend posted was in fact you. And one morning you open Facebook and you’re confronted with a memory from 9 years ago and in that memory is a loved one who has passed on. How much is that photo now worth to you? Now lets also say that, at the time,  that portrait  was worth $1000. Well in actual fact, that portrait was only worth $9.26 a month from the time it was taken OR, about 30 cents a day. So are your memories worth 30 cents a day over a nine year period or are they priceless artefacts that hang on your wall? Remember, priceless artefacts can only increase in value over time and so do family portraits. By the time the family portraits get passed on to your children, they aren’t worth 30 cents a day but more like $300 a day. Then the unthinkable happens and someone in your family passes away. That portrait is now priceless. So when “shopping” around for a photographer, you need to stop, think and ask yourself “How much is this photo worth to my children?”


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Family portrait


Please note, the family depicted in this portrait are not connected to the family mentioned in my story.


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