Don’t forget the grandparents

How brilliant is this portrait of Sadie and Stevie (or is it Stevie and Sadie??) with their Grandfather, Don. Here’s something that a lot of people tend to overlook, but having a portrait of your children with the Grandparents is so important (and the Grandparents Love it!). Think of it this way, how much would it mean to you now if you could have a portrait of yourself with your grandparents? I know I would do anything to have been able to have one  with mine! So talk to me when organising your family portrait and I’ll explain how to best organise your session so that we can incorporate the grandparents into it. My studio is located a short ten minute drive from the Geelong CBD, but portraits can also be taken on location. So if you’re ready to have a chat and look at organising your family portrait, contact me HERE

As for Don, it took a while to wipe the smile from his face!

Want to see more of my Family Portrait sessions? Follow this link and have a look on my website HERE


grandparent photography

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