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Geelong glamour portraits

I like to think that I change all my clients lives because I give them something that they’ll be able to cherish forever. But every now and then you meet someone and you just know you’ve changed their life. You see, a lot of women want to have a glamour portrait taken but the truth is that they just don’t have the confidence to come in and actually have it done. They don’t have the confidence that is, until they come in and go…

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Geelong Vintage Glamour Portraits

Glamour or Boudoir portraits, they mean a different thing to different people. It can be something as simple as a beautiful head and shoulder portrait or something more styled and provocative. My take on it is, do whatever you want! Photographing a glamour portrait isn’t like any other portrait, there’s a process that involves a lot of planning, which starts with you telling me what your take on glamour is. In other words, what kind of portraits do you like? Everything that will take…

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