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Christmas photos in Geelong

Where can you have Christmas photos taken in Geelong this year? Like last year, Christmas in Geelong is going to be a little different. It’s probably something you haven’t even considered yet but there’s another tradition that the pandemic is stamping it’s authority on, Christmas photos! Last year, many took to the shopping centre’s to have their photo taken with their masks on! (Was it really you under there?), Santa sat so far away he may as well have been in the North Pole…

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Christmas Portrait Day

HAVE YOU BOOKED IN YET FOR CHRISTMAS PORTRAIT DAY? It’s happening on Saturday 23rd of November and there’s only a couple of spots left! What exactly is Christmas Portrait Day? It’s whatever you want it to be!  Wear your Santa hat or Crazy Christmas Jumpers! It can be just for the kids or for the whole family, you choose! $99 per session and you’ll receive 10 Christmas Cards with your photo on them. You can also have a family photo taken without the Christmas…

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Christmas 2019

What do I buy my wife for Christmas? It’s the same problem I have every year you and I  know that she has the same issue. It’s not like you’re buying a gift for a child, you actually want to buy something that will last longer than a few days. So a few years ago, after my daughter was born, I got my wife a wall portrait. Secretly, I wanted one for myself, but it’s not like she can go elsewhere and get one…

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