Maternity Portraits

Have you thought about having a maternity portrait taken but you’re feeling a little self conscious? Nervous because you want to get it done but you’re not entirely sure what it’s all about and  how you should pose. Well you don’t have to worry one single bit because Riccardo has been photographing Maternity sessions for 20 years. He knows exactly how to pose you, how to make you feel comfortable and how to ensure that you’ll leave the studio feeling absolutely amazing that you’ve gone through with the session and recorded one of the most beautiful times in your life.  (And yes, we photoshop any scars or stretch marks out so that nobody sees them!!)

Having a maternity session though is a little different to a normal portrait session because there’s a bit more planning involved, and timing is everything! We usually recommend that you contact the studio well in advance of your due date so we can start planning your session. Because every session is different, we’ll go through with you things such as when the best time during your pregnancy is to have a session. What to bring and what to wear. We like to find out if you have any ideas or if you’d just like to leave it up to our creativity. If you have other children, we like to involve them as well or, if this is your first child, then we can also include your partner.  The biggest step though is to contact us and get the process going. Simply send us an email Here Remember to let us know how many weeks pregnant you are and also your due date. Your portraits are going to be more than just photos, they’re going to be works of art that you’ll proudly display and one day even show your child!


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