Our Guarantee

I pride myself on being the highest quality family and child portrait photographer in Geelong. Having a portrait taken is something that every family should do. It records a precious moment in your life, that your children will treasure for the rest of their lives. That’s why I take my job seriously and each of my portraits is carefully crafted to last a lifetime. Rest assured that your portraits mean as much to me as they do to you! And because they mean so much to me, I have put together the following for you.

~ Each portrait that leaves the studio now comes with a Lifetime Guarantee*  By Lifetime Guarantee I mean that they are covered for anything including accidental damage. Obviously some conditions apply but, if in five years time you’re moving home and your portrait is damaged, I’ll replace it for you.

~ The Canvas I print on is imported from the United States and has a Fine Art Guild Certification. This is the same certification that is given to Museum quality canvases! What does this mean? It means that it won’t fade! Cheap canvas fades with time, I won’t risk your memories with cheap canvas and that’s why I only use Guild Certified Canvas.

~ My Painted Portraits take six weeks to create and are individually hand painted. Painted Portraits are unique to my studio because I came up with the idea! Each piece goes through a hand crafting process and is delivered framed and ready to hang. If you want to see an Art Piece that is truely incredible, visit the studio and ask to be shown the Painted Portrait.

~ The words “Award Winning”  get thrown around by a lot of people, but I can prove it! If you want to read them all, click Here. To date, I have been awarded 26 times for my work. This includes being the only Geelong photographer to have ever been awarded two Gold Awards and a Judges Choice Award in the United Kingdom with the SWPP. I have also received a Silver Distinction and a Silver Merit Award in the United States and twenty one other awards in Australia.

~ I am the only Geelong Photographer who is a member of the SWPP, the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. The SWPP is based in the United Kingdom and is a world wide organisation that only accepts photographers of the highest level.  I also have a degree with honours that was obtained with the New York Institute of Photography.



  • Lifetime Guarantee may incur small excess and/or shipping charges. Portraits that are not framed by the studio may be exempt from the guarantee (please enquire). Portraits can only be replaced with the same portrait and not a new image.  
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