Booking Confirmation

Thank you for booking a portrait session with Riccardo Photography. Please read all of the following as it contains important information.

Following is information you’ll need for your session, including location details, a What to Wear guide and details for the booking deposit.

Please be aware that if your session is to be held at a location such as a park or beach, the location details will be sent to you separately in an email.

Location: My studio address is 21 Rutland St in Newtown.  The entrance to the studio is at the corner of Rutland and Hampton Streets. Please click HERE to find me on Google Maps
To find my Studio, look for a sign that says Factory 21. Next to that you’ll see my sign and underneath a door. Ring the doorbell with the R on it. I’ll come down and let you in. (please make sure you press the doorbell firmly). Please note that the studio is on level one and not really pram friendly. If you have a newborn, a capsule is a better option than a pram.
Alternatively, you can also call or text me on 0481 826 848 when you arrive.
Following is a What to Wear guide for your family portrait session.
What you wear is very important. We want your portraits to be timeless so please avoid any shirts / tops that have patterns or text on them. For timeless portraits, plain is best.
If you’re wanting a more casual look to your portraits, then white tops / t-shirts and jeans work the best. This goes for both children and adults. White dresses also work well.
If you’re wanting a more formal look, then black tops / shirts are the way to go. Please be aware that black on young children doesn’t usually work. For children under 5, white works best.  Shoes aren’t so important on younger  kids, they usually look better without shoes.
Make sure though that if you decide on white, that you all wear white. What we want to avoid is that we have one person in white, one in black etc. Matching is very important.
Don’t have white tops? You don’t have to go out on a huge shopping spree if white isn’t a colour you would normally wear. A plain t shirt from somewhere like Best and Less will do the trick.
If you’re not sure, please contact the studio prior to your session and I’m happy to guide you.
If you have booked a Glamour or Fine Art Portrait Session, details of what to wear and bring will be sent in a seperate email.
 If you are running more than ten minutes late on the day, please let me know. (text message is fine). I have allowed extra time for each session so that there is no crossover with other people in the studio at the same time. But if you’re running really late, it can cause issues with other appointments, so it’s best to let me know.
I will send you a text message the day prior to confirm your appointment, please reply to that text to confirm your session.
Booking Deposit. A $49 booking deposit is required to confirm your booking. The $49 will be deducted from any purchase you make if  your session goes ahead as planned. The $49 will be carried over if your session needs to be postponed. It is not refundable if you fail to turn up to your session or if you cancel within 7 days of your session. To pay your $49, please click HERE. Please make sure that you use the same name that you booked your session with when completing the checkout so that the $49 gets assigned to your session. Clients who pay their booking deposit prior to their session will not be charged my $99 portrait session fee.
* My child has woken up unwell this morning, what should we do? – Contact the studio by phone or text and we’ll reschedule your time. Please call or text rather than email because if I’m with another client, I may not check my emails and I’ll still be waiting for you at your allotted time.
* Is there any charge on the day of my portrait session? – If you have paid the booking deposit via the above link, then there is no charge on the day. If you haven’t paid the booking deposit, there is a $99 session fee payable on the day of your portrait session.  Please be aware that the session fee is not deducted from any purchase made, so it’s to your advantage to pay the booking deposit as that does come off your purchase!
* I would like to wear something different to what you’ve suggested, is that ok? – Yes. by all means it is. The above is just a guide to what I  know what works best for timeless portraits, but ultimately the portraits will be on your wall so you can wear what you like best.

I look forward to seeing you soon!




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