Styled Maternity Sessions

Are you or someone you know, expecting a baby? Then a  Styled Maternity Portrait could be for you. Unlike a regular Maternity Session, a Styled Session borders on art and is very different. You can register yourself or register it as a gift to a friend.  The session will take about 45 minutes during which time I will photograph you in 2 – 3 different looks. The session is complimentary and you will also receive a $100 Gift Card that you can use on any portraits you might like to purchase. You can see more of my Styled Maternity Portraits by clicking HERE

To Apply for the Styled Maternity Portrait Sessions, click HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions.

The best time to have your portrait taken is in the third trimester, but it is usually best to organise the session well beforehand in case your baby decides to come early. Once you decide that you’d like to have a session, contact the studio and we’ll arrange everything else for you.

Can my partner and other children be a part of the session? YES! Although the session will be predominately about you,  photographing the rest of your family as well makes for a special family portrait.

Do I bring my own clothes? You will need to bring some but I also may use outfits I have in my studio. We will discuss this when I call to have a chat with you.

Where will the sessions be taking place? The sessions generally will take place in my Bell Park based studio (10 minutes from the Geelong CBD) but we can also photograph Maternity sessions on location. Location sessions do attract an additional $50 fee in some cases.

I’d like to be a part of the Styled Sessions, but I’m not in my third trimester yet, can I still register? Definitely! Sometimes planning for a session can take a while or, we may need to bring your session forward, depending on how your pregnancy is coming along. Having a date set well in advance gives us room to move if we need to as opposed to trying to squeeze a session in.

To Apply for the Styled Maternity Portraits, click HERE.


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